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Karl Nurnberger

Senior Pastor

Becoming a follower of Jesus later in life and experiencing the incredible, life changing love of God fuels my passion to share the great news of how Jesus sets us free!  This passion plays out every Sunday morning, as we dive deep into God's Word and listen to what God says about Himself through His Word.  So if you're looking for a loving community of people, and a place where you'll be both challenged and encouraged by God, through His Word every week, you've come to the right place.  I hope to see you this week.


Karl Nurnberger   

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Andrew Laird

Associate Pastor

Youth/Kids Minister

I grew up in a Christian household and knew the right answers, but ever since losing one of my uncles to cancer my junior year in college, my perspective changed. I started asking questions like: “What are we doing to actually reach people for Christ?” “Are churches preparing young people to own their faith and know why they believe?” Ever since, God opened the doors to ministry and I haven’t looked back.
My main passion is being able to guide people, especially young people, to see how one can be able to disciple others right now with where they are at, see God alive and active in their lives, and out His radical grace and compassion that we don’t deserve, have a heart to love Jesus, other people, and reach the lost right in our context and relational circles. If you are new to the area/this congregation, I want you to know that you are known, loved, valued by God, and you are wanted! I look forward to seeing you!


Administrative Assistant


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