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January 11, 2018, 3:40 PM

You have probably heard it said no matter where you live, if you want the weather to change, give it a few minutes.  It's amazing how much the weather can affect our lives.  

Yesterday was 58 degrees and windy, but isn't always in Kansas.  Today I am sitting at home with my family due to a little ice on the roads.  It's so cold, our dog Skywalker, doesn't even want to go outside.

We have plans for ping-pong a movie or two on Netflix, and a board game. We have plenty to keep us busy and the fridge is full.  

But as I sit here, I am struck by what a little ice can do to our "freedom" and it reminded me of what a little sin can do in our lives too.  

Sin traps us and keeps us isolated: Isolated from God, and isolated from each other.  Sin limits the depths of our relationships.  Sin, like the ice, is treacherous and even deadly.  

Sin takes away our freedom. It holds us in bondage, through guilt and shame. Sin is a thief.  

But we don't have to let it be. We don't have to be trapped by sin any longer.  Christ made sure of that on the cross.  Sin doesn't have to keep us from anything or from anyone.  

Christ came to set us free.  Christ came to give.  Christ came so we could truly live.  

Don't let sin rob you of your freedom just like we aren't going to let a little ice ruin the day. Instead may you find freedom in Christ, just as we have found joy and warmth through family and the security of our home.  




01-11-2018 at 4:59 PM
Terry Weldin
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